A Ph.D. computer science student and a research assistant working on ways to make human and computer interact charmfuly. Also, an opensource developer who tries to make the open-science dream come true. Plus that, I enjoy watching movies in my free time.

Research at USC 🔴🟡

As a Research Assistant, I’m part of the Adaptive Computing Experience (ACE) lab, under the supervision of Souti (Rini) Chattopadhyay. We’re working on solutions and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of human-computer interaction with main focus on software engineers.

Open Source Enthusiast 🌐

In my “free time,” I become an open-source developer! I’m an advocate for collaboration and shared knowledge, which is why I’m always contributing to open-source projects. You’ll find more about my open-source activities on my GitHub profile, where I join forces with tech-savvy allies to create and improve open-source software. We also strated a opensource software development group called OpenSciLab to better focus and measure our contributions to the open-source community.